About Us

Our Mission:

“Seek, attract, develop, and screen for leaders of character for the Air Force.”

Detachment 592 is a chapter of AFROTC that is quickly rising to the top. As a cadet wing we train together three times a week, two of those training times are devoted to physical training to achieve maximum physical performance. The third time is devoted to training cadets in the military aspects of ROTC, known as Leadership Laboratory.

As a detachment, we participate in several events every year. Cadets dedicate their time to volunteer for recruiting events on campus, the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and Detachment-led events.  Detachment 592 hosts an annual JROTC Drill Competition, a shadow day for high school students, an officer career day, and an enlisted career day. Our cadets have put forth tremendous work to obtain Detachment 592’s very own Adopt-A-Spot here on campus that Cadets ensure remains clean.

As ROTC cadets, a majority of training happens in a locked-on environment; however, like any other college student, cadets are allowed to have some fun. Detachment 592 throws two traditional Air Force dinners annually, Dining In and Dining Out. Dining In is an informal dinner for the cadet wing, while Dining Out is formal dinner for the cadet wing as well as dates. Cadets also get the chance to experience very unique team-building exercises through the Venture program here on campus.

Detachment 592 is not only a cadet wing, but it also is a family of cadets who work together to make each other better, improve the UNC Charlotte campus, and create a positive AFROTC environment.

Come join the Detachment 592 family and see what AFROTC can offer you!