Scholarship Information

Air Force ROTC offers two types of scholarship programs: the High School Scholarship Program and the In-College Scholarship Program. The following information is taken from the official US Air Force ROTC website.

What is the High School Scholarship Program?

The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) provides an incentive to attract, recruit, and retain a diverse, intellectual, and leadership-focused talent pool of high school seniors and high school graduates with no full-time college experience. Prospective applicants must intend to enroll in their academic program and enter AFROTC beginning the following academic year. A national selection board process is used to select the most qualified individuals to receive a 4-year undergraduate scholarship to AFROTC ideally leading to a commission as a US Air Force or US Space Force officer. Eligible applicants compete and are selected for a scholarship based on individual merit. It should be noted that competition for an AFROTC scholarship is extremely competitive with only a small percentage of applicants being selected to recieve a scholarship.

The eligibility criteria, application process, and scholarship types for the most recent HSSP board (awarded for AY24-25) are listed here: AY24-25 HSSP Applicant Guide.

Interviews for the HSSP application are conducted at the AFROTC detachment nearest to the applicant’s home of record. The AFROTC scholarship technician reviewing the applicant’s package will identifiy this detachment and notify the detachment to coordinate the interview.

If you have any further questions regarding the HSSP, please contact us.

What is the In-College Scholarship Program?

The In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) aims to recruit and retain freshman and sophomore students in specified academic majors at a college or university with a host or crosstown Air Force ROTC program. This program awards scholarships based on merit during the fall and spring semesters. Applicants must attend a school with the Air Force ROTC program (host or cross-town) and must have completed at least one term as a full-time student. There is no formal application for the ICSP; instead, Air Force ROTC staff at the detachments evaluate current cadets and highly qualified students on their academic performance, physical fitness, and academic major to determine eligibility and competitiveness for scholarship nomination and consideration. Individuals nominated for scholarship consideration will compete on a national board. If you have any further questions regarding the ICSP, please contact us.

Service Obligation

You’re under no service obligation by simply applying for an Air Force ROTC scholarship. However, if you are awarded a scholarship, you become obligated when you accept and sign an agreement with the United States Air Force. If you are under the legal age in the state where the school is located, your parent or guardian must sign this agreement. If awarded a scholarship, you will agree to:

  • Continue to pursue the academic major for which the scholarship is offered
  • Enroll in or continue participation in Air Force ROTC
  • Complete a 13-day summer field training course at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, between your sophomore and junior year
  • Complete Air Force ROTC General Military Course (GMC) your freshman and sophomore years and the Professional Officer Course (POC) your junior and senior years
  • Accept a commission as an Air Force or Space Force officer and serve at least four years on Active Duty